Fic Recs

BORING NOTE These are personal favorites. Blurbs are not meant to be comprehensive in any way! Please obviously remember to check all tags and ratings before reading, to make sure you want to read the story.

Big Fandoms

  • Except Thou Bless Me, by emungere
    Supernatural | Dean/Castiel | NC-17 | 11K
    In which Dean Winchester gets his ass kicked sexually, both in a literal and metaphorical way. This author is one of my fave Dean/Cas authors and they’ve only written like 5 things and they’re all only on LJ... may it somehow never get deleted off the internet!
  • Indelible, by Shaenie
    Stargate: Atlantis | John/Rodney | NC-17 | 11K
    This fic starts with unintentionally horny public corporal punishment and ends with a giant space battle, and if that isn’t SGA in a nutshell, I don’t know what is. Also it has good OCs.
  • Somewhere I Have Never Travelled, by seperis
    Smallville | Clark/Lex | NC-17 | 83K
    Zach Snyder or whoever eat your fucking heart out.
  • Here's The Pencil, Make It Work, by ignatiustrout
    Harry Potter | Harry/Draco | R | 49K
    Harry/Draco still hits despite everything......and this one’s a fucking masterpiece.
  • Counterpoise, by boxparade
    Naruto | Sakura/Sasuke/Naruto | NC-17 | 41K+
    Team 7, but they fuck... I’m honestly pretty picky about this pairing because I’m so deeply attached to everyone involved, but this is like. Sweet. Horny. Very silly. All the important things! Also, it’s a series, so read the others too for Elaboration On The Theme.
  • The Lotus Eaters, by aldora89
    Star Trek | Kirk/Spock | NC-17 | 94K
    Do you want a Kirk/Spock adventure novel? Of course you do! Who doesn’t! So here you go. You’re welcome!


  • A Tale Of Two Bottoms, by Only_A_Fangirl
    BTS RPF | Yoongi/Jimin & OT7 | NC-17 | 107K
    I found the pacing to be very good and the storyline deeply compelling.
  • Long In The Tooth, by Ferritin4
    Hockey RPF | Roberto Luongo/Carey Price | NC-17 | 6K
    This age difference Olympics-themed hockey pornography about two relatively random people got me through the experience of losing my job.
  • Together, by Ema21
    Monsta X RPF | OT7 | NC-17 | 34K
    I believe Monsta X should do the things described in this fanfiction in real life.

Everything Else

  • Victory Condition, by astolat
    Transformers | Optimus/Megatron | NC-17 | 37K
    This fic is the Great American Novel. It's also about robots who fuck. It is ALSO also about coming to terms with hard truths, a lesson you can now immediately apply to knowing the Great American Novel is about robotfucking.
  • Get Loved, Make More, Try To Stay Alive, by dsudis
    Torchwood | Jack/Ianto | NC-17 | 68K
    The definitive Torchwood m-preg fix-it fic. What, you need more information? No.
  • Oddbodies, by toffeecape
    Hannibal | Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 73K
    Sentinel AU? CLASSIQUE! Plus loads of great worldbuilding! Also, it’s fucking hilarious; I think it’s one of few Hannibal fic that really capture how funny that show is.
  • Where All Ladders Start, by emungere
    Hannibal | Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 43K+
    I remember reading this before season 2 of Hannibal came out, thinking, “wow this is super good, but unrealistically romantic.” And then season 2 of Hannibal came out and I was like, “actually is Emungere psychic?” It's moving! It's freaky! It's tender! It's hurtful! This fic has everything!!